P2E Game


Captain Flare has rounded up his crew, the fearless Deltanauts, for the latest mission in the current solar cycle.

While aboard their ship, cruising the cosmos, the pilot quickly realizes a malfunction in the ship’s navigation system. They are on a collision course with a nearby asteroid and begin preparing for impact.

In an attempt to avoid this catastrophic impact, the pilot quickly fires the magnapulse thrusters sending the DeltaRocket spiralling out of control. Spinning and flipping through space, the ship eventually enters the atmosphere and crash lands on Planet M-At1c.

As the DeltaRocket enters the atmosphere, pieces begin breaking off, until the rocket is beyond repair. Thus, ejecting all 407 Deltanauts from the ship. Shrouded by the planet’s solar dust storm, the Deltanauts lay scattered across the landscape and beyond.

After regaining consciousness from the violent landing, Captain Flare initiates his distress beacon to signal the Deltanauts to converge on his position. The scattered crew regain consciousness from the sound of the beacon alarming in their helmets, and return to the wrecked ship to meet up with their captain.

As Captain Flare finishes accounting for his Nauts, all but 7 report in.

Alarmed at the missing Nauts, Captain Flare looks out through the raging dust storm for his missing crew members. He could see lights flashing in the distance, and knew those were from the helmets of the missing Deltanauts.

Beyond the immobilized Deltanauts, Captain Flare noticed something unfamiliar and called his crew mates to attention. The dust storm breaks for just enough time for Captain Flare to confirm that what he saw in the distance was a massive sand worm, and on a direct path towards the 7 stranded Deltanauts.

The entire crew looked on as the nightmarish sand worm zeroed in on the 7. One-by-one, the lights disappeared and the sand worm retreated. Shocked by the carnage and apparent loss, Captain Flare turned to his crew and said, “Crew, this just became a rescue mission.”

Determined to avenge and rescue their comrades, the remaining Deltanauts picked up their weapons from the dust beneath them. Now armed and ready, Captain Flare and the Deltanauts embark on what is known as ...


To be continued...