As of May 22nd 2022, DeltaFlare currently has 139 holders of HONR, as seen on Etherscan:

(Note that staked holders do not count towards this total because their wallets are technically empty)

Let’s grow the holder number, eat this giant dip with some volume, and put bubble buy bot to work. Starting today, every single buy of HONR, no matter what size, will be 1 entry into the raffle for the following prizes at each holder count level:

  • 200 holders: 5k HONR to 3 holders
  • 250 holders: Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet To 5 holders
  • 300 holders: A Season 2 Gold Tier with all perks to 1 holder
  • 400 holders: 0.25 ETH to 4 holders
  • 500 holders: A G400 NFT to 1 holder

At each level, we will collect all of the buys and conduct the raffle.

Contract address:


Good luck!